The mission of designbyfeel™ is:

  1. To provide and promote a comprehensive resource for dental practitioners, clinic owners, administrators, educators, and government representatives to locate and register for regionally sponsored programs in the proprioceptively-derived (pd) use of the human body in dental care.
  2. To promote only training programs and practice system components that have received the approval of the Global Engineering, Promotion, and Education Collaborative (GEPEC) for Systematic Health Care, a non-profit organization. The GEPEC rates and recommends design specifications for the safety and economy of health care settings. Specifically, GEPEC, is concerned with the control of finger, forearm, and eye views during patient care.
  3. To list and direct orders for GEPEC acceptable pd facility components, supplies, space design, and educational aids for school programs, clinic owners and decision makers.

The following symbols on educational content, devices, or office design indicates acceptability to GEPEC’s reference conditions:

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