Just how to Create a Persuasive Essay on Why You Ought To Be Picked

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How to Develop Into A Web Designer Without a Degree!

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Blue-light technology and vision damage, sleeping and hunger

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Reflective Essay Topics

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Curricula for your 3rd grader in most matter

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Increasing Likelihood Of Popularity at a Presentation Pathology Grad School

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Variability of Musculoskeletal Strain on Dentists: An Electromyographic and Goniometric Study

David Blanc, Pierre Farre & Olivier Hamel

Introduction. Dentists and hygienists are strongly affected by musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). As workstation concepts are supported by subjective arguments only, the aim of this study was to use objective measurements to compare the variability of strain in various concepts: a dental chair equipped with a cart or an over-the-patient delivery system without an assistant, and Dr Daryl Beach’s concept with an assistant. Methods. Goniometric and electromyographic recordings were made on 8 subjects, during a scaling operation. The electrical activity of their trapezius and lumbar muscles was compared, as were their cervical and lumbar ranges of motion. Results. The results showed that there was a wide variability depending on the workstation. However, the Beach concept tended to reduce physical strain on most parameters: duration of left lumbar muscle activity (2% compared to 15% of time spent in >10% maximal voluntary contraction, MVC), time spent in cervical side bending (4% compared to 30%), cervical flexion of >20° (9% compared to 40%), and left trapezius activity (9% of time spent >10% MVC compared to 28%). Conclusion. Practitioners and students should adjust their workstations to reduce the prevalence of MSDs.

Proper Ergonomic Positioning: It’s Only Human

As a busy private practitioner in Aurora, Colo., Dr. Michael Dougherty has a vested interest in dental ergonomics. He offers courses practical applications of ergonomic principles in dentistry, including office design, equipment selection, and working postures and behaviors. He bases all his training on the feel-based intuitive method of body and instrument positioning called proprioceptive derivation (pd). He took some time to answer some questions and his responses and observations provide valuable, practical tips for dental professionals who want to work healthier and more productively.

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Acquiring Improved Dental Performance Skills

by Michael Dougherty, DDS

Dentistry is a profession where consistent accuracy is required. A dentist’s judgment on skills, the setting where s/he practices, and the technology used affects the lives of many. Industry has taught us that to limit the adjustments and decisions a worker makes in manufacturing a product produces a product with fewer defects. Why should we think that dentistry is any different? Changing the tilting dental chair environment, which allows many adjustments and decisions, to an environment in which the dental patient support provides a stable reference for balanced operator positions limits adjustments and decisions during dental procedures and enhances the dentist’s performance. The non-tilting patient support requires advanced skills in order to function optimally.
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Ergonomic Principles are Proprioceptively Derived

by Michael Dougherty, DDS

The performance of any physical task is compromised when the setting and instruments used do not allow balanced operating positions for peak function. Past engineering has approached design innovation from the standpoint of modifying existing hardware and relocating different components in the setting to improve ergonomics and efficiency. This focus on existing hardware has made peak human potential, defined as doing the best performance of which one is capable, difficult to achieve. Dr. Daryl Beach, an American dentist residing in Japan, created a new way for dental equipment and instruments to be designed in 1962. This method he termed Performance Logic, an alternative approach to the delivery of dental services, which optimizes the performance of the dentist as s/he acts out dental procedures.

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