A Need For Change In Clinical Training

Dental ergonomics are greatly influenced by the design of the setting’s equipment and instruments and the skill of the operator. The Global Engineering, Promotion, and Education Collaborative (GEPEC) for Systematic Health Care is a resource for clinical skill manuals and ergonomic design. More specifically, GEPEC is oriented toward those concerned with the safety and economy of health care and is currently working on references for ergonomic standards in the field of dentistry. The focus of GEPEC is the control of fingers, forearms, and views on operating points and human-centered relationships of those in the health care setting. Please look around and discover some remarkable innovations in dental care delivery that have resulted from this new logic for the performance of dental care procedures. One of these innovations is feel-based proprioceptive derivation for the design of dental equipment and instruments. Feel-based design can be applied universally to derive new technologies that can make the lives of dental care providers more enjoyable, healthy, and productive.

An evaluation of the way dentists would prefer to work has led to the development of a stabilized work setting for dental treatment and specialized instruments. A series of dynamic interactive simulation exercises–the knowledge base (kb) 3 Clinical Skill Program formerly known as the Skill Acquisition, Transfer, and Verification (SATV) program–is currently being used to help providers develop and transfer the necessary skills for the use of the human body to compatible settings using new technologies in the dental profession.

The information on this site is directed towards dental clinic owners, government representatives evaluating universal care alternatives, dental schools evaluating pre-clinical and clinical workstations, organizations concerned with ergonomic standards, and dental office personnel wanting to avoid musculo-skeletal problems and to experience better working conditions. The information is also of interest to dental patients since this new dental office setting can have an influence on the well-being of their own dentists and the efficiency, accuracy, and gentleness in the way dental services are provided. promotes only GEPEC pd acceptable training and design specifcations.

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