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Type of Student
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Title: Positions, Contacts, & Views for Mouth Procedures
Purpose: This 1-day hands-on training program is designed to help dental care professionals acquire finger control and muscle memories to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) related to performing clinical dental procedures. The participant will be able to experience the least body tension while performing dental procedures.
Interested Participants: Dentists & Dental Hygienists
Content: Morning: Exercises in Human-Centered Derivations to:

  • Identify essential and basic conditions for providers and dental patients.
  • Record personal anthropometric & MSK data.
  • Acquire human-centered conditions from pd

Afternoon: Exercises in Acquiring Muscle Memories for:

  • Positions for a healthy spine
  • Optimum finger contacts for precise control of instruments
  • Mirror positions for continuous views of the operating surface
Tuition & Fees: $675.00 Dentists, $320 Hygienists and Company Reps.
(Fee includes lunch)
*Discount for enrolled students and recent grads. Students may enroll for just $99 per day up to one year after graduation or residency. Choose the student option above.

*Training is 7 CE credit hours.

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