The Global Engineering, Promotion, and Education Collaborative (GEPEC) for Systematic Health Care is a non-profit organization that recommends conditions for optimum control of fingers, forearms and precise views of contacts between body tissues and instruments that are applied through exercises and tests that certify the optimum body control of health workers in compatible care settings


The pd Promotion (pdp) Group sponsors over 85 GEPEC training programs each year in Japan. The pdp Group is the leading training organization in preparing dental care workers in body control for mouth care.

South Korea

The Korean Orthodontic Research Institute, and Dr. JO Boodeok have collaborated to promote and offer pd training programs in South Korea.


The Auroville Dental Centre, started in 1994 in southeast India through a French endowment, is demonstrating the GEPEC system of syllables, scaled numbers, and precise control of fingers with related views that have been recommended for global licensing.

‘Project Synapse’ is a Research and Development project between ADCERRA (Auroville Dental Centre’s rural programme) and Ninād. Ninād researches in the domain of ‘Preferred Futures’ with organisations such as Aravind Eye Care System, UNESCO, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Govt. of India), Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient (Govt. of France).


Dr. Wolf Neddermeyer, a German dentist and surgeon, has organized GEPEC approved training courses for the EU and Eastern Bloc countries.


The Intercountry Centre for Oral Health (ICOH) was established in 1984 as a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre in Southeast Asia. ICOH demonstrates GEPEC training and conditions for community based health care.


Dr. Pierre Farre, a French dentist and surgeon, has organized GEPEC approved clinical training courses in France in collaboration with Dr. David Blanc.